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Tomato Dispatch (Oakland)

Finally got a chance to get the tomatoes in the ground at home. Â Thanks to the neighborhood Gemmers, our gardening group, there’s a nice little patch of ground that gets the most sun, and hopefully, these tomatoes will be happy here.

Weisnicht Ukranian

Black Cherry

Blue Beauty

Green Cherokee

GEM gathering

On April 12, members of the Gardeners Exchange of Millsmont (GEM) descended upon my overgrown and neglected backyard for the monthly get-together. The grand effort was just in time as I’d been holding off on getting my tomato starts in the ground until I had a chance to clean out the weeds and overcrowded irises from the planting beds.

But first, a special guest, Arthur Boone came and talked about planting street trees.

The planter is getting some long overdue weeding

And then, we got down to the back breaking business of … weeding.

Thanks to all who came and tamed the beast. Here’s Julie, hacking away near the Salvia bush.

Judy showed us the group’s Garden Bug Bucks

One Garden Bug Buck (love that “in gardening we trust”

gardening is definitely not for the faint hearted

Thanks to Judy, the decisive master pruner. the lemon tree got some major surgery, so now perhaps it will flower and we’ll see some fruit?!

Sophie was very much the best dressed of our group!