One of my new acquisitions is the small tokkuri (sake server) on the lower shelf next to the large vase.

Isamu Houshido

Isamu Houshido

It took a while for this customer to settle on his selection which he’s proudly holding up for me to see.  He was busy texting and sending images to his friend who had asked him to seek out Isamu for a bowl.

16 0921 60 11

As usual, Isamu had his collections of three for 3,000 yen, seen here.  I bought one of the small containers with his signature tripod base that would be perfect for planting some grassy moss.

16 0921 60 12

The other tokkuri that I didn’t get and a lovely tea bowl.

16 0921 60 6

I also got the large round plate, seen here partially at the bottom of the photo.  It has character.